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Starship Earth Has Launched!

Moonrise Crystal Blue Tranquility More Than A Dream Meditations for Tranquility Peace, Joy and Love


A Special Message from Jim Blue:


Dear music lovers, 


Thank you for visiting my website!


If you like a full album of Relaxation, you're gonna LOVE my Crystal Blue Tranquility album.  Would you like to relieve your stress?  Do you find it difficult to relax?  Are you having trouble sleeping?  Are you a bodywork, massage, Reiki, or energywork professional?  If your answer is yes, then you are definitely in the right place!

Namaste!  I'm Jim Blue and it's very nice to meet you!  I would like to tell you about my "flagship" relaxation album:  Crystal Blue Tranquility.

I took my time writing and recording Crystal Blue Tranquility.  At first glance one might say that it is the result of over a year of composing and recording.  But looking deeper, it is the result of a lifetime of experiences.

When I was inspired to create Crystal Blue Tranquility, I was at a turning point in my life.  In an effort to reduce the stress level of my own life, I had recently immersed myself in various relaxation techniques including massage, meditation, Reiki, yoga, and others.


As I incorporated massage, meditation, Reiki, yoga, and other relaxing modalities into my life, I was fascinated by the music that was played during massage, meditation, Reiki, and yoga sessions.  In fact, I was so fascinated, that I was inspired to make my own contribution to the world of relaxing music..... Crystal Blue Tranquility.  And having been a musician and composer for most of my life, I welcomed a new musical challenge.

My massage, meditation, Reiki, and yoga friends were kind enough to critique Crystal Blue Tranquility each step of the way as I was writing and recording.  I'd write the songs, record them in my studio, burn a CD for them, and they would listen to the new versions, and even use them during their sessions.  Then they would tell me what they did or didn't like about each song.  This process continued for over a year.

I was careful to assure that the tempo of every song was at a relaxing pace and that the volume and melody of each and every song embraced the very essence of relaxation.  I arranged the order of the songs to further enhance the relaxation experience.

So what you hear on Crystal Blue Tranquility is a wonderful combination of inspiration and creativity. My friends, who are experts in various modalities of relaxation (massage, meditation, Reiki, and yoga) helped immensely.


Recommended uses for Crystal Blue Tranquility:

  • Massage

  • Relaxation

  • Reiki

  • Bodywork

  • Meditation

  • Energywork

  • Yoga

  • Polarity

  • Music therapy

  • Aerobic cool down

  • Sipping wine by the fireplace

Excerpts from the many awesome reviews

  • Heaven on earth

  • This CD is magical

  • Inspired, moving, soothing

  • You sure have put a lot of love and light into this CD

  • I absolutely love this CD

  • The flow of the melodies seem to talk to the heart and soul

  • Every time I listen to it I can feel my heart center open


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